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From Private Marketplaces To Header Bidding: Gawker's Evolving Programmatic Strategy

AdExchanger's Sarah Sluis takes a look at Gawker's experiences with programmatic and header bidding and reports that when Gawker Media first started selling ads programmatically in late 2014, it only sold through private marketplaces (PMPs). "Since then, the publisher behind Gawker, Jezebel, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and other sites has expanded its programmatic offerings. First it added an open marketplace option and then it implemented header bidding. Programmatic revenue has grown by triple-digit percentages over the past two years. Using private marketplaces as a foundation to expand its programmatic business was a critical strategic decision, said Eyal Ebel, VP of programmatic at Gawker Media. Ebel was concerned about protecting the direct sales side of the business. He found a way to confront the issue: The private-marketplace approach credited direct salespeople for programmatic deals they brought in. "By paying commission on private-marketplace deals, programmatic could grow while avoiding channel conflict and back-office politics," AdExchanger reports.



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