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Is There A Conflict Of Interest Haunting Ghostery's Business Model?

AdExchanger's Allison Schiff probes into Ghostery's business model, declaring: "Whether or not Ghostery is an ad blocker depends on how you define 'ad blocker" Also depends on who you ask." Schiff goes on to say: "It’s an awkward question for a company that wears two seemingly different hats in the online ad industry.The first is as one of two primary privacy compliance technology providers powering the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) debatably toothless AdChoices program. (TRUSTe is the other.) Ghostery works with ad tech vendors to dynamically serve that ubiquitous little blue AdChoices icon into the top right corner of ads across the Internet. The second is as the maker of a popular browser extension and app that lets consumers manage their preferences around third-party tracking. Users can also choose to block content either across the board or on a case-by-case basis." MediaPost's Wendy Davis has been on top of the Ghostery case from the beginning.



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