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CNN Lifts The Lid On Plans To Monetize Attention Vs. News

CNN wants to monetize attention and plans to wrap this up in its first-party data to give to advertisers in order to justify the larger budgets it now wants, The Drum reports. "It’s no secret that the likes of Google and Facebook are locking down their data, spurred by the need to measure and monetize advertiser performance plus the growing demand for privacy. It’s a tried and tested method that’s rapidly turned these businesses into media technology companies, something CNN wants in on as it tries to move as far as it can from low yield ad deals and CPM rates. But a large chunk of that value rests on its ability to treat ads as part of the user experience so that like Google and Facebook it can actually price ads based on the performance."

"To advertisers, this means more bespoke campaigns built around its first-party data. Valuations of those audiences will happen within a new 30 person analytics operation at CNN that will work with the sales team to sell to marketers how audiences are engaging on its platforms, whether it’s the site, the Great Big Story video network or even Snapchat. This could unearth new reporting metrics for CNN, which wants to use viewability to not only talk about how many ads have been seen above the 70% threshold, but also more brand engagement areas like the average daily viewing time of each one of its ads or how many times someone hovered over a placement."



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