Visible World Integrates SSP SintecMedia, Will Accelerate Audience-Based TV Supply

In a move that will accelerate access to programmatic TV inventory, Comcast’s Visible World unit this morning announced plans to integrate SintecMedia’s audience-based TV and digital video targeting technology into its buyer/seller stack.

The deal will enable networks utilizing SintecMedia’s supply-side technology to offer audience-based inventory via Visible World’s HighYield system, and programmatic TV ad technology platform enabling buyers and sellers to automate campaign proposals, inventory selection and pacing.

The Visible World technology will enable SintecMedia customers to interface with TV trafficking systems to automate campaigns and measure TV ad impression performance.

Among other things, the integration will enable SintecMedia customers to offer audience-based TV inventory via Visible World’s AudienceXpress, a supply-side platform aggregating local cable and broadcast TV audiences into national audience reach buys, as well as Comcast’s Strata, a media-buying processing platform utilized by agencies and advertisers to manage their media buys.

“We are making it possible for broadcasters to make it easy to benefit from the growth in demand for programmatic TV advertising,” Visible World CEO Seth Haberman, stated about the significance of the deal.



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