Wunderman Buenos Raises AIDS Awareness In Apathetic Argentina

Wunderman Buenos Aires has partnered with Argentine non-profit Fundación Huésped—the AIDS awareness non-profit group--to shake people out of apathy regarding the deadly malady. One out of every 400 people in the country (with a population of about 43 million) has AIDS. 

The campaign was designed to humanize the problem since the public has become mostly apathetic and Argentina’s society wrongly believes that medical breakthroughs and the current level of care are successfully managing this crisis. Messaging focuses on individuals telling their stories as they wait tensely for the results of HIV tests.

"We are all aware of HIV but, for most, this is someone else’s problem," says Sebastian Tarazaga, executive creative director, Wunderman Buenos Aires. "We found that when people tested for HIV was the perfect moment to achieve the target. The moment, before receiving their results, when everyone feels that they could turn out to be HIV positive, so they could imagine how an HIV positive person could feel."



Examples from the campaign can be seen here

The campaign was supported with social media and PR,  attracting press coverage across national TV, cable, radio and web. "With a limited budget, the action was picked up by all the news casts as well as key local media and specialized foreign media," says Tarazaga.

The end result garnered over 4.5 million media impressions and increased monthly financial donations to the foundation by over 67%. 

Wunderman provided its services pro-bono, while production’s costs were funded by Fundación Huésped along with the audio-visual producer company Duquesa and the sound producer company Salmón Osado.


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