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To Head Off Mobile Fraud, 'Know Thyself'

AdExchanger talks to three experts on mobile ad fraud, asking how marketers should handle it. Here are the opinions of two: MICHAEL OIKNINE, CEO of Apsalar: "Fraud has become such a problem in large part because many companies take few or no steps to recognize and address it. For performance marketers, knowledge is power, and digging into your data is the essential first step to mitigating the risk of fraud for your business – things like install sources, where your ad views come from, the expected conversion rates on your purchase funnel, the validity of your in-app purchases."

CHRISTIAN CALDERON, CRO of Ketchapp: "In the performance business especially, marketing is math. If the numbers aren’t working out, it’s usually an indicator something is wrong. The first place where you see it is the funnel metrics, like click-through and conversion rate. You look at pre-install KPIs, and if you see something abnormal you’ll have a sense of if it’s fraudulent. Is the yield off here? Understand the math behind your user acquisition. That lets you know if something unusual is happening, and if you can detect fraud that early, sometimes you can get your money back depending on who you’re working with."



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