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Dear Facebook, You're A Media Company Now. Start Acting Like One

  • Mashable, Tuesday, May 17, 2016 7:47 AM
Mashable reports that while Facebook has always said it's a tech company, the "dividing line between media and tech is fuzzier than ever, as Facebook and its peers increasingly package, host and yes even create some news and entertainment content. Yet Facebook appears to be hellbent on clinging to its tech identity." Facebook's refusal to be seen as a media company comes at its own peril. "Facebook endured a prolonged outcry over allegations that contractors hired to help curate Trending Topics had inappropriately downgraded certain conservative news topics. That particularly explosive charge has yet to be proven, but in its attempts to ease concerns about systemic editorial bias, Facebook unintentionally kickstarted new line of criticism."



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2 comments about "Dear Facebook, You're A Media Company Now. Start Acting Like One".
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  1. Leonard Zachary from T___n__, May 17, 2016 at 1:40 p.m.

    With a 90X PE Facebook better be a Tech Co else the stock price will be Calved by two-thirds if not more....

  2. dorothy higgins from Mediabrands WW, May 17, 2016 at 5:19 p.m.

    Yeah, Facebook. Be responsible like all the big media companies that built Trump the Candidate.

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