Forget Agency Reviews, The Hot New Client Pitches Are DMPs

It may not get the attention that agency reviews like last year’s Pitchapalooza might have gotten, but financial marketing giant JP Morgan Chase is currently reviewing contenders to something potentially just as important: a new DMP.

That’s DMP as in data management platform, the cause celebre of the programmatic marketing and media-buying marketplace.

Speaking at OMMA Marketing Tech in New York City this morning, JP Morgan Chase Marketing Director-Addressable Media Michael Turcotte disclosed that the marketer has issued a request for proposals for a new DMP it hopes can reimagine its audience targeting and experiences.

Turcotte said the review was prompted by its first attempt leveraging “third-party” DMP data from Oracle’s Bluekei two to three years ago, which yielded less-than-optimal results.

“We had limited use of it,” he told OMMA attendees. “We didn’t have it integrated correctly.”

Turcotte characterized Chase’s new DMP review as being near its “tail-end.” He said in the meantime, it has been working exclusively with an “on-boarder” to “ingest data and spit it out.”

Ultimately, Turcotte said, the goal is to create a new “architecture” for managing Chase’s customer and prospective customer data to create a better marketing organization.

“We hope to be at the true nature of personalization at scale,” he said. “The outputs of the DMP are going to feed our internal marketing engine.”
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