We Are Social Plans Google's 'Escape'

Google France is bringing the trendy “Escape Room” experience to the online world to inspire people to discover, experience and make the most of their own cities. 

Developed with agency We Are Social, the online game, called Première Pièce taps into the current trend of adventure games in the physical world where players solve puzzles to break free from a locked room within an allotted time.

This online version incorporates themes central to Google France - digital art, music and mobile technology - to help a crew of digital artists locked in a workshop before they are to present a masterpiece at a Paris art centre. Players have 40 minutes to work together to solve puzzles using different Google mobile applications. Each puzzle is based on a Google product or app: Google Translate, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Cardboard, Google Cultural Institute, Google Music, Google Hangout.



For instance, on the wall of the room, there are posters with mysterious messages written in foreign language - Norwegian, Danish, Chinese, and Japanese. Those messages are clues players have to translate thanks to the Google translate app install on their smartphone. And at the end of the game players have to find three symbols to unlock a laptop. Those symbols are hidden in a 360° landscape players have to explore thanks to Google cardboards.

This game limited the number of participants and all reservations were taken were taken within 24 hours. The game in France launched on May 20th, with an English version debuting May 23. 

People without a ticket, however, are able to view five YouTube stars participating in the game via a YouTube live-stream on May 25th. The event will be interactive, with viewers encouraged to issue challenges to the YouTubers through Twitter as well as change aspects of the room, such as turning off the lights or delivering a pizza to the players. 

The event will also be available for all internet users to experience on Google France’s social media channels. Those following Première Pièce on social media via #EntrezDansLeGame will be able to get involved with the experience by unlocking Escape Room-themed riddles shared by Google.  

The agency said it will developing a number of similar games throughout the year.

Google France always tries to be locally relevant with branded- or products-based campaigns tapping into local stories and influencers. "This campaign shows off these applications and products to their full potential, while tapping into one of the biggest trends right now in the Escape Room concept," says Sandrine Plasseraud, managing director, We Are Social.

 We Are Social Paris has been working with Google France for a year and a half on social media strategy, community management and digital campaigns.

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