33Across Launches 'Mobile In-Feed' Programmatic Video Ad Unit

Publisher monetization platform 33Across on Tuesday launched a programmatic mobile video ad unit it calls “mobile in-feed,” which automatically plays within content or a product feed when a viewer is within at least 50% of the creative display area.

33Across says its new unit doesn’t interrupt the consumer experience. For example, consumers can turn the volume up or off, or stop the video completely. The video also automatically resizes to fit the mobile screen in portrait or landscape mode. It automatically stops when the display is less than 50% in view.

The ad units are available in 15- and 30-second spots, and respond to any mobile device and user action by automatically resizing to fit the screen’s width in portrait and landscape views. The ad units automatically pause and close to return to the content when the ad is less than 50% in view.

The new offering builds on 33Across’ suite of outstream video products which include its vPillar and interstitial ad units.

"As an industry, we’re just getting started when it comes to fully monetizing mobile traffic,” Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across told Real-Time Daily via email. “As video’s popularity increases, especially on mobile, video monetization requires a fully scalable platform designed specifically for the mobile Web that ensures video ad units are in view yet don’t interrupt the user experience.”



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