Bluecore Gets Predictive

Digital marketing company Bluecore announced the general availability of Predictive Audiences on Tuesday, a data-driven marketing platform to help marketers increase return on investment through predictive intelligence.

Bluecore’s Predictive Audiences adds deeper data insights and triggered outreach to the Enterprise marketing company’s suite of marketing and data solutions.

Founded in 2013, Bluecore’s core value proposition has been to trigger personalized emails based on consumer behavior. Over time,  the company has built a large data set that Bluecore is now making available to their customers with more data-focused product offerings.

Fayez Mohamood, co-founder and CEO of Bluecore, says the three pillars of Bluecore are to generate targeted audiences, build triggered experiences for those customers and to provide insights on what drove those customers to take action.

Bluecore’s Predictive Audiences processes customer behavior, a brand’s historical data and a company’s product catalog simultaneously to provide a holistic view of a customer’s digital journey with a brand. 

Predictive Audiences helps Bluecore customer accurately predict customer lifetime value, what customers will most intrigued by specific products or categories, the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase and the amount of time it will take for a customer to make a purchase. In addition, Bluecore helps marketers pinpoint a consumer’s favorite channel of communication and whether they are more likely to open an email, click on an online advertisement or respond to a mobile message. 

The company can also evaluate pricing pain points, helping marketers promote products that a consumer can actually afford to purchase.

Additional benefits include highlighting the most at-risk customers who are most likely to unsubscribe from an email list, allowing marketers to be more cautious and precise with marketing to those subscribers.  

Bluecore offers a flexible account structure depending on how a brand would like to use the company’s technology. Predictive Audiences can be integrated into any campaign workflow, with exporting capabilities for multichannel targeting. The technology complements existing infrastructures that a marketer may already have in place. 

Bluecore’s predictive category affinity data point has 17 times greater engagement rates when compared to the promotion of random categories. The company also evaluates the propensity of a person to open or click an email based on historical data, which has been shown to more than double engagement rates when compared to traditional batch and blast campaigns.

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