NEW! Johnsonville Creates Ads Based On Employee's Ideas

Everyone's a critic -- and also has the ideal ad campaign for brand XYZ somewhere in the back of their minds. Johnsonville decided to tap into this uncharted territory by asking its employees for their ad ideas, some of whom saw their concepts come to fruition. To start, Droga5 created a 4-minute trailer and a behind-the-scenes video of the commercial shoots that introduces viewers to the three Johnsonville employees picked to share their ad ideas. In one ad, there's a high-speed car chase consisting of trucks, sportscars, grandmas on scooters and motorcycles, with each vehicle trying to surround the Johnsonville big taste grill. An employee left the brats on the grill and people are hungry. The second ad stars Jeff and a slew of talking animals. I love it. Jeff is in the forest to hunt, but begins his day with a Johnsonville meal. The guy can't eat in peace. Soon, he's surrounded by talking animals who ask about his yummy breakfast. Their dialogue is magic. The final spot has yet to be released, but looks fun. It takes place in a spooky house, but the homeowners are Johnsonville fans, so they can't be all that bad -- right?
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