Preston Kelly's 'Loony' New Cider Campaign

Preston Kelly is helping Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery introduce three new Loon Juice flavors with the "A Strange Bird" marketing campaign. 

The campaign is for Midwesterners by Midwesterners. It plays off Minnesota’s iconic Loon bird which is the beverage brand's mascot, logo and namesake. It’s also the centerpiece for all point-of-sale signage and event materials. 

The new campaign's tagline is "Are you a strange bird?" 

The brand website introduces an interactive digital game that is based on the childhood classic game Duck-Duck-Goose, but this version’s title ends with Grey Duck rather than Goose.  

To play the game, you take turns swiping to reveal a Duck or a Loon. If a Loon comes up, the game issues a challenge. An example challenge is: “Select two people and give them a wedding toast speech” if you’re playing the cabin version or “Ask the bartender to change the channel to PBS” if you’re playing the bar version. 



“Loon Juice is damn good cider with an iconic idea built right into its name,” said Chris Preston, Executive Vice President and Creative Director, Preston Kelly. “Loons are rare and a Minnesota icon, just like an all-natural 100% honeycrisp apple cider. Both the originality of the product and its name paired with the uniqueness of the bird became a natural, central theme of the launch.” 

Last year, Four Daughters opened what is now the largest cidery in the Midwest. This expansion helped the company to expand its product line to feature Ginger Mojito, Tea Time and Strawberry Shandy throughout the Upper Midwest. Four Daughters expects to launch a national distribution of its entire line of products in the coming months.  

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