Hey Agencies, Do You Suck Enough to Handle the Electrolux Account?

A vacuum cleaner brand is just about the only brand in the world that -- day after day, year after year -- strives to truly suck at what they do because, you know, vacuums are supposed to...OK, OK, I beat that one to death.  

Anyway, Electrolux North America has announced an agency review "to better align with changing consumer behaviors and position the company at the forefront of marketing innovation." 

Of the review, Electrolux North America SVP of Marketing John Weinstock said, "This review is part of a long-term goal to ensure we have the right partners and agency structure in place to achieve our aggressive growth goals and to better engage consumers with the Electrolux and Frigidaire brands." 

The review aims to "evaluate the industry's strongest practices, resources and agencies to determine a structure that will best deliver a remarkable 360° consumer experience." The f*ck? Why can't people just say what they mean? How about try, "We want to sell more sh*t." That works succinctly, doesn't it? 



Prattling on about a brand that sucks crumbs off the floor as if it delivered some kind of nirvana which placed you in a constant state or orgasm, Weinstock added, "As a company, Electrolux strives to be at the forefront of innovation and design. We intend for our full marketing approach to reflect our company's vision, products, and commitment to serving our consumers.  We also want to enhance the experience consumers have with their products and that starts by engaging them in a powerful and meaningful experience across all brand touch points." 

Electrolux will be working with The Burnett Collective to manage the review. If you think you can turn a brand into some kind of halcyon moment, you can contact The Burnett Collective at 917.789.6820 (New York) or 310.928.3320 (Los Angeles).  

And yes, Electrolux does make more than vacuums but still. It's an appliance brand.

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