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IBM Watson To Power Services In Self-Driving Bus

IBM today announced that Watson, its AI platform, will be powering a range of services in a new self-driving bus concept named Olli. Designed by Local Motors, Olli is electric-powered, caries up to 12 people and will start operating in Washington DC soon, followed by other cities like Las Vegas and Miami-Dade County by Fall this year. However, Olli’s pilot program to carry passengers will be conducted in Miami before commercial variants are rolled out. Unlike Google, IBM will not assist with self-driving technologies in Olli but will power other services aimed at improving commuter experience. “IBM technology, including IBM Watson or IBM Watson IoT technology, does not control, navigate or drive Olli. Rather, the IBM Watson capabilities of Olli will help to improve the passenger experience and allow natural interaction with the vehicle,” IBM said in a statement.

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