Neustar, Simulmedia Partner For Linear TV Activation, Measurement

Real-time information-services provider Neustar and ad-tech firm Simulmedia on Wednesday announced they’ll partner to offer a complete linear TV activation and measurement product.

The offering combines Neustar Data Onboarding and MarketShare Analytics with Simulmedia’s audience-targeted national TV campaigns  to  enable marketers to do closed-loop targeting on linear TV at scale and achieve a new level of audience matching precision.

Neustar manages and maps real-time databases, including top-level domains like .Co, .Biz, and .US, telephone numbers (caller ID), IP addresses, and devices such as Internet of Things registries. Building on this expertise, Neustar has developed an identity platform responsible for collecting, corroborating, and validating consumer and business identities for marketing purposes.

Based on privacy-by-design principles, Neustar’s methodology uses data science to connect verified offline data, including wireless data to Neustar’s identity platform based on 220 million adults and 120 million households in the U.S.

“By enabling a trusted, neutral match through this partnership we can have the best possible audience targeting on linear TV,” stated Michael Zimbalist, chief marketing officer, Simulmedia. Calling it the “gold standard” for media-mix modeling and multi-touch attribution, Zimbalist stated that Neustar MarketShare can begin to de-average the total TV spend and isolate the direct contribution of Simulmedia’s audience targeting to prove its impact on business outcomes for its clients.

“We all know how important TV is in the media mix, but marketers are still struggling to find the best way to combine the targeting and measurement of digital media with the scale and reach of TV,” stated Jon Vein, senior vice president of strategy, Neustar. “By joining forces with Simulmedia, advertisers and their agencies now have the power to see the true business impact of TV campaigns.”

Separately, Neustar said it's splitting its business into two independent, publicly traded companies. On Tuesday, the company said the split will clear up confusion around the services it provides, according to Lisa Hook, Neustar president and CEO.  One company will retain the Neustar name and offer order management and numbering services for wireline, wireless, and cable communications providers. The second company, as-yet unnamed, will manage Neustar’s information services business, including marketing, security, and data-related services.

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