VR Content Producer VrseWorks Wins Entertainment Grand Prix

Virtual reality production company VrseWorks won the Entertainment Grand Prix in Cannes on Friday for a piece of journalism the firm created specifically for the New York Times VR app. 

The story, called “The Displaced,” documented the trials and devastating impact that war has had on millions of Middle East refugees. (The creators of the app won the Mobile Grand Prix earlier in the week.) 

Entertainment Jury president Jae Goodman, chief creative officer, co-head, CAA Marketing, said "The Displaced" was “entertainment that drives the brand and the business forward.” It is, Goodman added, “truly perspective shifting.” 

The NYTVR app was unveiled late last year. As part of the launch, Google VR headsets were delivered to 1.3 million subscribers to the Times’ Sunday edition. By downloading the app the headset wearers can view VR content. And at last count the app had generated 1.5 million content views. 



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