Yahoo Mail Update Allows Users To Unsend Emails

Yahoo rolled out a series of updates to its Yahoo Mail iOS and Android mobile applications on Friday, including the ability to quickly unsend erroneous emails.

Yahoo Mail for iOS now leverages technology from Xobni, which Yahoo acquired in 2013 for $48 million, to improve the contact management functions within the mobile application. Yahoo Mail users can now search for a contact in the mobile application and their name, contact card, picture, phone number and email history automatically populate.

Additional iOS features include new animations and the ability to quickly unsend emails, a true gift for anyone who has noticed a typo too late.

“Realize you accidentally chose the wrong email recipient or catch a typo last minute?,” writes Josh Jacobson, director of product management at Yahoo Mail, in a blog post announcing the news. “Don’t stress -- starting today, we’re giving iOS users the ability to take back an email right after it’s been sent. After you press send, an option to “undo” will appear at the bottom of your inbox feed for three seconds. Just click that and you’ll stop the email from sending! Phew!” 



Although Android users currently lack Yahoo’s new unsend feature, the technology company has revealed several product updates for Android as well.

Yahoo Mail for Android users can now preview attached documents without the need to download the potentially data-heavy attachment, as well as more customizable options with the applications user-interface.

In addition, a partnership with Paperless Post brings designed stationary to the application so that users can personalize messages with professional templates and designs for special occasions, such as holiday messages and birthday greetings.


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