Droga5 Launches Petition To Make The World British Again By Reclaiming The Web It Invented

Unless you've been living under the proverbial rock, you've heard about the turmoil in England sparked by the vote for the country to leave the European Union. Some, of course, think it's a great move. Others feel it's cataclysmic and will put the world on the brink of war. 

I'm sure there's a happy middle ground in there somewhere, but since I'm not at all qualified to comment on world politics, I'll just restrain myself to commenting on the cheeky promotion Droga5 London just launched. 

The agency has launched "Remove Everything Not British From the World Wide Web." SO why does Droga5 think we should remove everything not British from the World Wide Web? Well, because England, in the form of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, invented the World Wide Web and since the UK just essentially cast off every tie they have with the rest of the world, why not eradicate all that non British stuff which has infested the British-invented World Wide Web? 

And so Droga5 has launched a website and a petition to do just that. The site's mantra reads: "Britain invented the World Wide Web and since then other countries have been filling it with stuff that isn't even British. Like the Eiffel tower. This isn't right. We are being pushed out of our own creation. This is a grassroots movement to reclaim the internet for Britain." 



As you travel back blurry-eyed and hung over from Cannes, give some thought to England's predicament and the predicament of the Web. After all, the Web has, indeed, become a nasty place filled with all kinds of shifty crap and all manner of ads assaulting our senses. Oh wait, maybe we don't want to rid the WWW of advertising. Because, you know, if we did, all of us would have nothing to do, right? 

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