Twitter To Stream Political Conventions

Thanks to a new partnership with CBS News, Twitter plans to live stream both the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

If their respective primaries were any indication, both parties’ conventions are predicted to be circus-like spectacles.

Regardless of their party allegiance, Twitter users will be able to stream live coverage of both events on their mobile devices, as well as on the regular Web.

The effort is part of a broader video strategy by Twitter to reinvigorate its relationship with users and brand marketers.    

Just last week, Twitter launched a live-video stream of ESPN’s Wimbledon coverage.

Presently, there is no sign of advertising on Twitter’s Live video page, but analysts say it's sure to change. “We expect direct monetization to follow,” Nitesh Patel, a director at Strategy Analytics, notes in a new report.



Worldwide revenue from mobile video will reach $25 billion by 2021, according to the Strategy Analytics report. The money is mostly coming from advertisers trying to reach a growing mobile-video audience.

Twitter won the digital rights to NFL games on Thursday Night, at the beginning of the year.

Come this fall, Twitter plans to stream 10 Thursday Night football games while they are simultaneously being shown on NBC, CBS and the NFL.


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