UberMedia Launches New Tool To Enhance Geo-Targeting

The cross-screen mobile advertising firm UberMedia  on Wednesday announced a new location data targeting and measurement tool, Optimal GeoSpace.

UberMedia uses behavioral data on mobile to inform actionable business intelligence, measurement and advertising.

Developed for retailers and real estate brokers/developers, the new tool, which is still awaiting its patent certification, aims to enhance the customization of geofencing used in geo-targeted campaigns.

Geo-targeting for national retail campaigns can often use a “one-size fits all” model, where shopping areas can be misrepresented, diminishing the efficacy of geo-targeted campaigns, the company claims.  Taking billions of mobile data points into consideration, UberMedia hopes to offer the opportunity to create “a flexible fence tailored to each unique location based on specific shopping patterns … and location data points over a period of time as set by the advertiser.”



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