Michelin Teams With Band To Promote Tire Safety

Michelin is partnering with a teen rock band to promote road safety. 

The tire company is running a tire safety video, “Beyond The Driving Test,” at the Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer’s U.S. shows through Sept. 18.

Michelin’s tire safety team will also conduct tire safety demonstrations at select 5 Seconds of Summer concert venues throughout the summer.

The band's song, "Long Way Home," caught Michelin’s attention because it has “great lyrics about freedom, driving, youth and relationships,” says Jennifer Smith, director of image and brands for Michelin North America.

“Then we learned the band was organizing a summer concert tour in search of appropriate safety messages,” Smith says. “We immediately saw it as a perfect match for our program, 'Beyond The Driving Test.'” 



The goal of the program is to communicate with teens directly on their turf. Meeting young drivers where they interact enables Michelin to start a conversation about tire safety to raise awareness of simple steps teens can take that can help save lives. Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens nationwide, with about 12% of those attributed to tire-related issues. 

“We see it as a national tragedy that something so simple could hurt so many people,” Smith tells Marketing Daily. “So we're working to make a difference, state by state.”

"Beyond The Driving Test" aims to talk directly with teen drivers, their parents and driving regulators in the 50 states. 

“Michelin is one of the most recognized brands worldwide, but that's not the case with teens. We're always evaluating fresh ways to start a discussion with young drivers about safety,” Smith says. “It's an issue for everyone, even if you're not a parent. We all share the road.” 

Michelin is working to make sure all 50 states include consistent tire safety information about pressure and tread depth by 2020. Currently, 31 states have committed to providing new drivers with such information.

“We're equipping the states with information about how to teach teens and parents the basics of tire safety,” she says. That includes information on where to find the right pressure for a car, how often to check the pressure and how to check the tread depth. 

“A few simple steps every month can make the difference between a tragedy and a near miss,” Smith says. “We want new drivers to understand how to take care of their tires so the tires will take care of them.” 

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