Murs Raps For Boost Mobile, 180/LA

Boost Mobile and its agency 180/LA are teaming with rapper Murs for a live concert series that enables fans to interact with the California rapper. 180/LA devised the concept, strategy and is handling the execution.

The effort kicked off July 13 with fans streaming the "Where You At?" show live on Facebook and Twitter using Boost mobile phones. They were able to suggest interview questions or throw out a topic for freestyle performances.

There will be four more performances. I the final episode, which will air live on September 28, Murs will attempt to break the World Record for longest freestyle rap, which currently stands at just over 24 hours.

This project represents a shift for the music-centric prepaid mobile service. 

In the past, Boost has done live performances, but never broadcasted them live.



"There's something special about bringing truly live entertainment to the world, and now with Facebook Live, it's not only possible to view the show in real-time but actually interact with the performers themselves, giving audiences an even closer, more direct connection to their favorite artists," says the agency.

Boost Mobile's message is to provide access and connection, especially where other brands impose restrictions and limitations. This program is another way we can generate connections - between artists, communities and fans.

Plus, in this particular execution, the whole show is live streaming through Boost phones and a Boost network, which any customer can go to the store and get. That's how confident the brand is in their offering: best technology and reliable service, they say.

The campaign lives largely via social media. The concerts are heavily promoted via Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. There will be "incremental" out-of-home advertising, says the agency.

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  1. Eric Johnson from Arizona State , February 6, 2017 at 6:28 p.m.


    As a Hip-Hop fanatic and Murs fan myself, I really enjoyed your article connecting Marketing with Hip-Hop.

    I think Murs was a great choice for this specific campaign as he has been dominating the underground rap scene for several years. I truly believe that this campaign will help bring him more attention and recognition from a global standpoint that he truly deserves.

    In addition to Murs gaining more attention, I think doing this concert was a great way to help promote Boost Mobile as a reliable and reptuable mobile phone company. As a testimony of showing the power of its brand, I think it was an excellent idea that the entire show was broadcasted solely on Boost Mobile phones. 

    I strongly believe that their agency, 180LA is also doing a great job at promoting the concert through through social media outlets like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, which can target the majority demographics of Murs fans. I have used Facebook Live in the past to record concerts and have been able to reach a couple hundred unique viewers from just my friends list alone. 

    The last thing that really caught my attention with its unique appeal was to have Murs try to record the longest freestyle rap in history. I think that this was an awesome marketing technique and really shows the creativity of Boost Mobile/180LA to come up with an idea like this. 

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