National TV Records Estimated 4% Hike For Q2

Second-quarter national TV advertising is estimated to be slightly higher than previously forecast by one media analyst.

MoffettNathanson Research expects second-quarter network TV advertising to be up 4% to $9.63 billion versus a previous 3.7% estimate. That's a 5% gain for the major cable network groups to $6.1 billion and up 2.5% for broadcast networks to $3.5 billion.

Fox and AMC Networks will see the biggest gains for broadcast and cable respectively, each because of specific timing of high-profile programming. Fox is expected to be up 8% to $433 million for its U.S. national advertising, and AMC is expected to be up 22% to $226 million.

NBC (including its TV stations) will be 4% higher to $1.3 billion; ABC, 3% higher to $875 million; and CBS down 2.9% to $874 million (due to the shift of the NCAA Final Four Championship to Time Warner’s Turner).



This benefits Time Warner overall, which is estimated to see its total advertising for its networks 7.6% higher to $1.2 billion. Fox cable networks will see a 10% hike to $661 million, while Scripps Networks Interactive will climb 8% $537 million.

Other cable networks groups showing big improvements are Disney networks, adding on 7% to $1.1 billion, and Discovery Communications, up 6.0% to $474 million.

NBCUniversal cable networks will be essentially flat in the second quarter -- 0.5% to $922 million. Viacom will be down 4% to $965 million because of an announced effort to cut back on commercial units sold.

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