Google Voter Registration Search Feature Becomes Available Just In Time

Google began rolling out a search feature Monday to help U.S. eligible voters learn how they can register per their state's respective requirements.

When individuals search for "register to vote" on Google, the search engine now displays detailed guidelines, voting requirements, and information on how to register online, by mail and in person.

As the Republican National Convention gets underway on Monday, and the Democratic National Convention soon after, people will take to search engines looking for answers to questions and topics posed by the Republican and Democratic candidates, along with their respective running mates and the issues for which they stand. Some of the questions being asked of Google include "What is a conservative Republican?" and "Who is the current leader of the Republican Party?" 



Throughout the United States, the search phrase "How to sign up to vote?" spiked on Sunday during the past seven days, but add the word "where" and the searches have been pretty steady for the past week, according to Google Trends.

Google says that while information about voting is available on the Web, it can be tricky at best to understand the available options, or how to get started. States also have different deadlines and guidelines, which further complicates the process.

Those in the states of Wyoming, Hawaii and Kansas want to know "where to vote" or ""where do I register to vote," per Google Trends.

Voters also took to Google during the weekend to research "Who is Mike Pence," Donald Trump's vice-presidential running mate. Speculation late last week drove the searches from Friday through Saturday, per Google Trends.

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