TruSignal Announces Release Of TruAudience Platform

TruSignal, an ad-tech company that provides predictive modeling capabilities for custom audiences, on Wednesday announced the release of its TruAudience platform.

The platform provides audience management, predictive modeling and consumer insights directly to marketers, with modules that allow for the deployment of custom audiences to demand-side platforms, data-management platforms and media partners, as well as across a variety of channels and devices including TV, radio, mobile, social, native and desktop.

By matching a host of “offline data sets with first-party data uploaded to the platform, marketers can generate an in-depth predictive analysis of the audience and serve precisely targeted campaigns,” explains Pete LaFond, VP of marketing at TruSignal.



For each of 220 million adults, TruAudience offers a unique predictive score from 0-99 defined by up 2,700 data points, which in turn predicts the likelihood of a particular individual becoming a new customer.

“The capabilities offered directly to marketers through our platform allow for a reduction in cost per acquisitions over time, as those individuals who are less likely to engage with a brand can be efficiently removed from the custom audiences,” says LaFond.

While the focus of the TruAudience platform is squarely in the commercial space, LaFond notes that political marketers have been in touch with TruSignal about the potential use of their consumer insights going forward.

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