Datorama Incorporates Slack: Enables Real-Time Data Visualization, Collaboration

Datorama, a New York-based startup that has been helping agencies and brands organize and visualize marketing and media data -- especially the kind that go into programmatic media and marketing campaigns -- is integrating with Slack, a collaborative messaging platform used by agencies and marketing organizations to manage workflow and stay on the same page.

Beginning Wednesday,  organizations using Datorama’s self-serve Marketing Integration Engine will be able to communicate and share projects and progress via Slack’s interface while also using Datorama’s dashboards.

The new feature is intended to give both technical and non-technical members of teams -- including the C-suite -- the ability to access and visualize data integral to projects and progress so that they can make decisions, get approvals or course-correct in real time, or as close to it as possible.

“Marketing analytics is a team sport,” Datorama CEO and Co-Founder Ran Sarig said in a statement announcing the integration, adding: “In beta testing we saw a strong benefit in pairing a powerful collaboration tool with our unified data layer to support better team communication, and to help the entire organization maximize the value of a company’s marketing data.”



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