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Connected Car Comes With Mobile Payments

Alipay mobile payments can be made by drivers from the seat of their new OS’Car RX5. The new sport utility vehicle is the product of a partnership formed between Chinese internet giant Alibaba Group and Shanghai-based automotive manufacturer SAIC Motor Corp. It has been introduced to China’s automotive market and is dubbed the “internet car”. It is equipped with a smart operating system, which makes it different from traditional cars. The hope is that the car will spread the internet-of-things (IoT) to the automotive sector. The OS’Car RX5 operating system was designed by Alibaba’s YunOS division. Specially designed for the automotive industry, the YunOS will boost consumer experience. According to chairman of Alibaba’s Steering Committee, Dr. Wang Jian, the smart operating system revolutionizes the car so it’s not just about driving. The smart OS becomes “the second engine of cars, while data is the new fuel,” Wang stated.

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