YouTube: How Much Content Is Too Much -- Or Are We Missing The Social Media Point?

For many, the big issue around YouTube is its lack of social media component. As a result, many publishers are flocking to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for their video needs.

YouTube does have young rising stars that generate big audiences -- where millennials show up. At the same time, those same young viewers aren’t really interested in seeking professionally produced videos from big media brands.

From a business brand perspective, however, YouTube is still a major consideration, especially as it shares 55% of its advertising revenue with publishing partners. A YouTube spokeswomen quoted in the Wall Street Journal says its partners’ revenue growth has seen sharp increases -- 50% over the last three years.

Overall it seems harder to gain viewership on YouTube versus Facebook and other social media platforms. Why? Seems there just may be too much content to consider -- a video glut. That said, once viewers come to YouTube they are pretty engaged and loyal. It means they’ll probably hang around.



Those two last points are the key factors traditional TV networks have focused on for many years.  Must-have dramas, comedies, reality shows, and sports programming means viewers will come back -- or at least continue to search for similar content on those networks.

Micah Gelman, senior editor and director of editorial video at the Washington Post, told the WSJ that YouTube is a valuable piece but the pure Facebook audience is so much bigger.

To me, that says you online/digital video platforms to get video attention, to get scale, to get engagement, combined with social media.

Another major complaint is that YouTube needs an easier way to share video.

We know that key media agency buyers continue to pursue the likes of Google Preferred, the creme de la creme of YouTube video content. But there isn’t enough of it to buy.

So does YouTube have too much content -- or just too little of the good stuff? You not only need viewers to watch, but to give advertisers a better way, with bigger scale, of buying in.

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