Can You Hear Me Now: The 'Wunder' Of Hearing Aids

Miracle-Ear is introducing a new campaign to destigmatize hearing aids by breaking with traditional category advertising.

The goal is to reposition hearing aids from a symbol of aging and declining health to a wearable device empowering people and enabling them to reconnect with passions, relationships and life.

Developed with its new agency Wunderman Health, the "Hello Tomorrow" strategic platform aims to address common stereotypes preventing many seniors from experiencing life with full hearing. 

"While many brands treat older generations as simply a culmination of their life journey, this is far from true: They’re focused on the life in front of them," says Michael Stanfield, VP marketing, Miracle-Ear. 

But the way most industries currently communicate with this audience does not reflect who they are or how they feel about themselves, he says. "They don’t feel 'old' – yet brands are still forcing that stereotype onto them. Particularly in the healthcare industry, such a shift in consumer mind-set opens new opportunities for brands to innovate their products and messaging to drive meaningful dialogue and ultimately, revenue.”



The new creative campaign kicks off with a TV spot that will be supported with a media buy including national cable channels as well as selected local broadcast and cable outlets. The creative emphasizes lively and optimistic seniors as well as the high tech abilities of the hearing devices. The spot ends with the "hear a better day" tagline.

"Whereas there has been a stigma that delays consumer entry into the category, Miracle-Ear is hoping to drive action by challenging that stigma and positioning hearing aids as a revolutionary life-tool – ensuring that every day is going to be a good day when you’re connected to the sounds and people around you," says Stanfield.

"Whether it’s your morning coffee, lunch with a good friend or evenings spent with family and loved ones, Miracle-Ear helps make every moment more memorable and gives you even more reason to say...It's going to be a good day," he says.

The second phase of the Hello Tomorrow initiative will roll out later this year. 

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