Flashtalking Partners With Integral Ad Science To Improve Accuracy Of Attribution Models

Aiming to improve attribution and ad verification, Flashtalking on Tuesday announced a partnership with Integral Ad Sciences (IAS) in which Encore by Flashtalking will incorporate IAS data into its algorithmic attribution platform. By using IAS’s verification data, Flashtalking, a provider of programmatic creative technology, hopes to improve the predictive accuracy of Encore’s attribution models and deliver actionable insights to advertisers.

“Verification and attribution are essential capabilities for accurate media measurement and optimization.  To date they’ve sat in their own silos,”  Steve Latham, GM Encore by Flashtalking, told Real-Time Daily. “Together [with Integral Ad Science], we have broken down those silos, using IAS output to cleanse the data that’s used for attribution modeling.  This integration enables advertisers to make the most of their verification data while enhancing our attribution models without additional work on their part.”



Attribution modeling has become a key aspect of measuring campaign effectiveness at a time when consumers are spending their time using multiple devices. According to IDG Connect research, some 78% of marketers surveyed plan to be working with a cross-channel attribution model in the next two years. At the same time, nearly half of all impressions remain unviewable. IAS’ Q1 2016 Media Quality Report showed an average 50.1% viewabilty on programmatic display and 59.8% on inventory sold directly by the publisher.

Traditionally, brands have conducted fractional attribution modeling and viewability measurement separately. The partnership between Flashtalking and IAS combines insights into one analysis.

“In order to use attribution to make informed planning decisions for our clients we need accurate data -- incorporating viewability and verification is becoming increasingly important for this,” stated Matt Wragg, business science director at MediaCom.

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