Political Dramas: Better Candidate Squabbles, More Advertising Money?

Without any true competitors on stage, and with the requirement to look and sound more “presidential,” Donald Trump’s 75-minute acceptance speech (or screech?) as the Republican presidential nominee was a bit of a bore.

Some called its “apocalyptic” and “terrifying.”

Whatever your review, that’s not where Trump does his best work, which occurs in debate-like scenario. Or else when he just riffs -- calling people crooked, critiquing their faces, or analyzing their stature (Little Mario!).

Instead, we got a kind of mainstream, toned-down Trump in prime time. Stuff like this can be tiring.

Forget about the prospects of running a country or dealing with all threats -- economic, terrorism or otherwise. We want our politicians to be mature, smart, decisive -- and entertaining!

We also need fresh content. If not, we’ll just turn the channel.

Now that said, have no fear: The presidential debates are coming, which should bring back new levels of entertaining politics.  Reports suggest cable news networks are asking for a sky-high $100,000 or more for 30-second commercial for those events.



Here’s why: Estimates are the first debate could easily best the all-time modern presidential debate ratings record of 67.2 million set at the first 2012 debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The downside will be if both Trump and Clinton will be on their best behavior -- or if Clinton, for example has say a double-digit lead in September.

From a financial point of view, collectively cable news networks pulled in some $10 million or so in advertising revenues from early fringe/prime-time coverage of the convention. Broadcast networks for their mostly one-hour-a-night prime-time coverage each totaled $5.6 million, according to iSpot.TV.

Much bigger prospects come from TV networks and TV stations looking to grab around $4.4 billion in year in political advertising.

Is this Presidential race serious business? For some. It is a money-making affair? Same answer.

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