Litmus And Movable Ink Partner For Email Testing, Design

Litmus and Movable Ink announced a partnership and platform integration on Tuesday that helps marketers optimize their email campaigns to be read on any screen.

Movable Ink has integrated Limus’ email testing product, Instant Previews, into its contextual marketing technology platform. Movable Ink customers can now preview what their email marketing campaigns will look like in 45 different mobile apps, desktop clients or Web-based email browsers.

“Good design and layout are critical for email, especially for retail brands that rely on visual merchandising and clear calls-to-action to drive engagement and sales,” says Reed Pankratz, senior digital brand email strategist at athletic retailer Finish Line. “For today's mobile consumer, emails must be both aesthetically appealing and easy to interact with. The ability to test, preview and optimize before hitting send provides marketers with a solid advantage.”

The Litmus Inbox Preview integration can be used in conjunction with Movable Ink’s testing product, Simulator Lab, which tests contextual elements in emails, such as geographic or weather data.



Litmus specializes in optimizing email campaigns to be read on any screen, platform or device. This is especially important considering that a majority of emails are now read on a mobile device as opposed to a desktop or laptop computer. 

A recent study of 400 million anonymous user profiles by mobile marketing automation company Kahuna revealed that as many as 86% of all emails are now read on a mobile device. A May study by Litmus, however, points the number of mobile email opens to be a much lower 54%. 

Regardless of the exact number of mobile opens, email marketing is a pointless endeavor if the message is unavailable to be read by the targeted subscriber.

Finish Line partnered with Movable Ink to power its College Fleece email marketing campaign, an award-winning campaign that increased sales by 42% year-over-year.



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