Google Reports More Than $21 Billion Quarterly Revenue As Cost Per Click Declines

Alphabet, Google's parent company, reported second-quarter 2016 earnings Thursday of $21.5 billion in revenue that beat analysts' expectations of $20.76 Billion, per Thomson Reuters, although the cost per click (CPC) on Google-owned Web sites fell 9% in the quarter, compared with the same time last year.

Good news for advertisers -- bad news for Google. More not so good news for Google points to declining aggregate CPC and declining CPC on Google's network members' sites, which fell 7% and 8%, respectively, year-over-year.

The good news for Google — revenue from advertising rose 19% to 19.1 billion for the quarter ending June 30, 2016, compared with the year-ago quarter. Revenue from Web sites rose 24% to $15.4 billion, and revenue from network member Web sites rose a mere 3% to $3.7 billion.

eMarketer forecasts that Google will generate $57.80 billion in digital ad revenue worldwide, 9% over last year. The analyst firm estimates Google will gain $47.57 billion in search ad revenue in 2016, or 55.2% of the search ad market worldwide.

On the display side, Google takes a backseat to Facebook. Google should generate $10.23 billion in display ad revenues worldwide this year, or 12.3% of total display spending, per eMarketer.

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