Rocket Fuel Combines Real-Time Creative With Its Moment Scoring Technology

Programmatic marketing platform Rocket Fuel on Thursday announced new features that combine dynamic creative capabilities with its Moment Scoring technology. The new capabilities allow travel and retail customers to reach the right person at the right time with the right message, and to present the right products in a single ad for each consumer in real time.

Each ad execution features  Rocket Fuel’s new Smart Grid technology, which determines which creative elements to serve in a specific ad and how to display the content within a given ad size. The technology is designed to help marketers make the most of every ad by offering flexible and scalable layouts for each impression and ad format.

For example, it allows for automatic ad creation in 36 sizes, with millions of creative variations. The company’s dynamic creative solution uses unified profiles to optimize campaigns across devices to generate targeted and personalized creative for every device and individual moment.



Customers currently beta testing the solution include Tommie Copper,, Under Armour, and Booyah Advertising. Rocket Fuel said that Under Armour and Booyah saw a 46% average improvement in cost-per-action in campaigns using the dynamic creative tool in beta tests.

 “Rocket Fuel’s cross-device and dynamic creative solutions have significantly extended our mobile reach and conversions,” stated Dimitri Arts, senior manager e-Commerce Europe, Under Armour. “Since launching campaigns with both solutions, we’ve been able to blend brand exposure, seasonality and dynamic creative output to maximize product revenue in real time.”

Rocket Fuel said it’s worked with more than 85 retail and travel advertisers in the last eight months to help them launch more than 120 campaigns using the new capabilities. Internal Rocket Fuel studies found dynamic creative ads saw a 44% higher click-through rate and that customers using static ads experienced, on average, a 46% percent lower cost-per-acquisition. Rocket Fuel’s dynamic creative solution is available to all managed service customers and will be available in its demand-side platform later this year.

Shares of Rocket Fuel have been trading just north of $2 for several weeks. BMO Capital Markets dropped coverage of the company, once seen as a pioneer in the programmatic space. The company is angling for a turnaround.

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