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Facebook's Ad-Block Strategy Might Alienate Consumers, But Platforms Will Replicate The Plan Anyway

CampaignUS reports that Adblock Plus "has made its opinion clear about Facebook’s decision to purge the network from ad-blockers, claiming that the social network’s plan to further blur the line between advertising and content will only alienate users. It’s a natural response given the impact that the move will likely have on Adblock Plus’ business. But it remains to be seen whether this will hurt or help advertising on the platform, and marketers have conflicting opinions." On Tuesday, Facebook said it will allow users to choose the ads they want to see, and at the same time, "it will use technology to disguise ads on desktop, making it impossible for ad-blockers to distinguish between a user post and an ad."  Campaign concludes that this leaves marketers at an impasse. "On one hand, by preventing ad-blockers, Facebook will force users to see more ads. But there’s also a chance that Adblock could be right—Facebook’s 1.7 billion monthly active users might be turned off, resulting in fewer eyeballs."

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