Programmatic Nuances In Europe and APAC

RTB House is a global firm that specializes in programmatic display ads. The company runs campaigns for global brands in Europe, APAC, and Latin America. RTBlog checked in recently with RTB House executives, who offered some insight into its retargeting campaigns and trends unfolding throughout the world.

RTBlog:What are the key trends in how programmatic media is evolving differently in Western Europe?

Filip Pieczyski, Business Development Director WEN [Western Europe and Nordic countries]:

As marketing strategies are becoming more sophisticated and marketers in Western Europe are more familiar with programmatic, the question is now not whether they should use automation, but how to extract its full potential. Marketers have to move toward optimization and analyze their strategies to achieve better, targeted success across online campaigns.

We noticed two major trends in terms of programmatic:

First, the increased role of mobile advertising. As mobile usage continues to dominate, the scope of behaviors common with the majority of users gets wider, and the process has naturally expanded to mobile. Consumers have become more comfortable with making a purchase from their mobile device, making it an up-and-coming sales and marketing channel.

Second, identifying advanced and complex retargeting scenarios. The real power of programmatic advertising lies in the data, which is a marketer’s best tool to achieve and reach a complex segment of their audience.

RTBlog: Can you offer an example of how mobile is changing the game for programmatic?

Pieczyski: We recently conducted research based on campaigns run for our clients in April this year. We found click-through rates (the relation between the number of clicks and ad displays) achieved by ads delivered on mobile devices are often higher than those on desktop. Advertising campaigns on mobile are also very much influenced by the number of offers presented in each ad.

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