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Wearable Tattoos From MIT Control Smartphone, Computer

There’s both form and function built into these new flash tattoos from the MIT Media Lab. Ushering in a new generation of wearables that behave almost like a second skin, the new DuoSkin from MIT and Microsoft Research takes temporary tattoos and turns them into connected devices. So now, controlling your smartphone or computer is as easy as tapping your tattoo. Inspired by the trendy flash tattoos that are frequently seen adorning the the wrists and forearms of fashionistas everywhere, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, a PhD student at the Media Lab, decided to inject some innovation into these aesthetics. In Taiwan, she explains in an MIT video, there exists a “huge culture” of cosmetics and street fashion, which allows individuals to “very easily change and edit your appearance whenever you want.” DuoSkin, then, simply takes this to the next level.

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