Corona Extra's New Emoji Campaign

Corona Extra and its agency, the community, are introducing the #RaiseSummer campaign designed to speak the language of everyone through the use of emojis. “Emojis are visual language adopted universally, so everyone can understand our message," says Rodrigo Butori, creative director, the community.  

The campaign targets Twitter users over age 21 who use iconic summer emojis like the smiley face with sunglasses, the bikini, the sun, the waves, the beer mugs, the palm tree, and/or the sun. 

Once someone uses these images, Corona Extra - @coronaextrausa - responds to the user with a unique, customized GIF animation. These GIF animations are a play on these summer emojis and showcase the Corona Extra bottle, also in emoji form. Some of the responses include: 'When your emojis are all about summer, we’re right there with you. 21+ only' and 'We thought you’d like your emojis with something extra. 21+ only.' All the customized gifs end with the hashtag #RaiseSummer. 



"We created almost 100 unique films featuring all the possible combinations between the selected summer-related emojis," says Butori. "That was a challenge in itself.  But by partnering with Fellow, an animation company, and their talented designers, we were able to deliver an outstanding collection of animations that have been very well received.” 

The campaign is targeting "summer enthusiasts," says Butori. While Corona Extra regularly releases both Spanish and English-language messaging, this project is designed to be a total market effort, he says. "People who are open to having a great time, and welcome a fun way to connect with their favorite beer during their favorite season in one of their favorite social media spaces.” 

Twitter just introduced its new emoji targeting platform for marketers on World Emoji Day July 17 and the agency and beer brand quickly decided to explore the opportunity, says Butori. "We felt it would make sense for a brand like Corona - which is a staple and symbol of summer - to communicate with potential consumers in a surprising, innovative way using other symbols that also stand for summer fun.” 

Aside from the direct user engagement using this emoji targeting, Corona Extra will support the campaign with paid media. In addition, Corona Extra is running a few of the animated gifs via paid posts on Twitter.

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