Freshpet Fans Showcased In New Campaign

Freshpet and its agency Terri & Sandy are introducing the Letters in Motion campaign that uses fan letters sent to the brand.  

For the campaign Freshpet and T&S interviewed consumers who had previously written to the brand. The letters selected tell stories that highlight the “transformative power” of Freshpet, ranging from pets who have overcome health issues, such as digestive problems, to allergies or picky eaters, the firms say.

"We Skype/FaceTime with all of them, meet their pet, see where they live, eat and play. It surprised us to see how integral Freshpet is to their daily routine," says Sandy Greenberg, co-founder, Terri & Sandy. "Each of these pet parents represent the passion and love that exists for pets, and why pets aren't just pets, they're family." 

The creative is designed to maintain the authenticity of the original submission, with each piece taking place in the hometown of the select pet parent and their pet. 



One spot introduces Melissa and her dog Zooka, who was adopted from a shelter and details their story through words written on a computer. She was told by her vet to “take him back to the shelter” because of his declining health, but Melissa says her dog is strong enough to "knock her down" thanks to Freshpet. 

The campaign will include :30 and :15 TV spots that will run nationally on Network and Cable TV through 2017. It will be supported digitally on Freshpet’s website and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As part of the social media portion of the campaign, Freshpet will invite consumers to submit their own letters, videos, and photos that represent their pets’ Freshpet story for the opportunity to win a grand prize of a year’s supply of Freshpet. Hand-picked entries from the contest will become part of new videos for the campaign.

Last year, T&S and Freshpet introduced the "Fresh Take on Pet Food," to convey that what pet parents feed their pets is just as important as what they feed their families.

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  1. Robin Solis from, August 19, 2016 at 5:23 p.m.

    Hey! I was a sample lady at Petco or Petsmar (?) when this product was introduced! Glad to see Fresh Pet doing well.

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