NEW! KFC, WWE, Introduce SummerSlam Viewers To New Colonel Sanders

The latest incarnation of KFC's Colonel Sanders is the sassiest and sexiest to date. Shall we call him Colonel Ziggler? KFC teamed up with WWE and created an ad/live action segment that ran during Sunday night's SummerSlam. Jim Gaffigan, George Hamilton and Darryl Hammond previously played the Colonel. When the WWE gets involved, the Colonel is played by wrestler Dolph Ziggler.

The video begins with ad for a second-rate, fast-food chicken franchise with an annoying chicken mascot, playyed by WWE wrestler, The Miz. As the chicken convinces a family of four to eat Puppers Cluckers chicken for dinner, a fit Colonel Sanders, interrupts.

The Colonel goes backstage, inside the ad, beats up the chicken and brings him into the ring to further settle the score. Colonel Sanders ditches his typical white blazer for a form-fitting tank and bow-tie. The newest item on KFC's menu will be the Puppers Cluckers chicken, once the Colonel gets through with him. And in real-life, the KFC Chicken Little sandwich.



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