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Six Flags Adding Virtual Reality To 9 Roller Coasters

  •, Wednesday, August 24, 2016 9:05 AM

Piloting a fighter jet, dodging skyscrapers and battling alien intruders -- all while barreling along a steel track hundreds of feet in the air. Welcome aboard a virtual reality roller coaster. It's a concept that may change roller coasters forever by combining the traditional steel track with VR technology to place thrill seekers in a completely virtual world. Here's how it works: Before boarding the coaster, riders strap a VR headset across their face. They won't see where the steel track is going, or what's coming up next. As the ride launches into a series of steep drops, banks and loops, riders are engulfed in high-definition imagery and 360-degree virtual views. There's even a story line to follow as they're screaming their heads off.

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