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Hotel Installs Voice Control For Rooms

Here's my pet peeve when staying at hotels: I hate having to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the thermostat. But the thing is, I really need the room to be the right temperature to get a good night's sleep. Between a cold room and thick, fluffy blankets, it's easy to be off by a few degrees. Then I'm wide awake, fiddling with various knobs on the wall or calling the receptionist to figure out why it's so darn chilly in here. This might be more information about my hotel sleeping habits than you ever wanted to know. But Aloft has been carefully listening to feedback such as mine, and they've come up with a solution: a voice-activated room. The company's future-gazing technologists have developed an app that runs on an iPad that controls the room using Apple's Homekit and Siri. It allows guests to change the temperature, switch the lights on and off, and turn on the television by using voice commands. Internally, this effort has been dubbed "Project: Jetson" because, once set up, it really does feel like we're in the hotel room of the future.

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