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5G Mobile Phones Projected To Ship In 2020

Strategy Analytics predicted that the first 5G mobile phones will start shipping in around 2020, which is also when 5G networks are expected to start launching on a broader scale. According to Strategy Analytics director Ken Hyers, the first commercial 5G handsets will appear in small numbers in 2020 in South Korea and Japan. More launches are then expected in the U.S., the UK, Sweden and the UAE in 2021, with commercial sales set to exceed 300 million by 2025. “By 2022 tens of millions of 5G handsets will be sold, and as a proportion of total handset sales will reach low single digit percentages,” Hyers said. Senior analyst Ville-Petteri Ukonaho added that the first trial handsets are expected to appear in 2018 but would experience some “teething problems, including short battery life, no 4G handover or unstable connectivity.”

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