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Samsung Starts Marketing Smart Refrigerator

  • M2M Cafe, Monday, August 29, 2016 9:05 AM

South Korean electronics major Samsung will display its smart refrigerator that can do multiple things than just keeping the content fresh and cold at the upcoming IFA 2016 to be held in Berlin, Germany. The first look of the smart refrigerator, called Family Hub refrigerator was first displayed at CES 2016, and then the completed version was showcased at Samsung Forum in Malaysia this year. In IFA 2016, Samsung will display the European edition of the Family Hub refrigerator that places the fridge on top and the freezer at the bottom. This home appliance is fitted with sensors, cameras and developed on Tizen platform. With the help of the cameras, the refrigerator takes the picture of the stuff inside and sends information like food life etc to a mobile app. There is a display panel where it shows which food stuff will last how long. Thus prompting you to eat or finish the stuff in time.

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