Check The App Then Take A (Ricola) Cough Drop

Ricola is introducing an integrated campaign to better position Ricola products as an everyday wellness option versus a product that you use only when you are sick. 

This marketing pivot is being executed by a group of shops including Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide as marketing AOR, Burns Group as brand AOR, and PR agency Ink & Roses.

The concept features The Daily Drop, a web-based app that provides each user with a "wellness" report that incorporates GPS, the consumer's self-disclosed health status and environmental data to deliver an overall health status in seconds. Blue Chip's innovation and digital teams conceived and led this specific  app project. 

Some of the information provided via the app includes allergy data related to pollen, mold, dust/dander; an asthma panel with UV index, air quality and the chance of a thunderstorm since it is a common asthma trigger. There is also an event alert that states the number of “major sporting events and concerts” in their area. 



In addition, The Daily Drop pulls in social data from Twitter to paint a picture of cold/flu/allergy-related content that is trending in the consumer's area.

"We built an algorithm that basically takes all of the raw data and places parameters around it, and then displays each point in a manner that is helpful and easy to understand for any user," says Sarah VanHeirseele, SVP innovation, Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide.

This unique approach is intended to get consumers thinking about Ricola at any time, rather than when they are feeling sick, says Blue Chip.

"We call this target 'generation health,'" says VanHeirseele. "This is a demographic that takes a proactive approach to staying well—from the food they buy and eat, to the products they put in their houses, to the vitamins they take. They do whatever it takes to be in control of their health. They also seek information from multiple resources to help them be as informed about their health as possible." 

Ricola typically focuses on this healthier buyer, as well as women 25-54 who also buy premium brands. "For Ricola’s larger goal of moving from a sickness company to a wellness company, this website has information that broadens our target to anyone who might use a cough drop [among adults 18+]," says VanHeirseele. 

The app is supported with an "extensive media campaign" starting September 1 to run through mid-March. The media buy includes display ads, paid search, video ads, native ads, social media, TV, print ads, and influencer marketing.

While the app is still in its soft launch phase, thus far over 20% of all traffic is repeat visitors, which is a key focus for this project.

"We expect to see that continue to increase as people find value in the information they receive," says VanHeirseele. "Early user testing revealed that people didn’t understand why they needed to provide their location and how they were feeling, which we thought was particularly surprising, given the nature of the site. We made some slight adjustments to copy as soon as a user gets their report. Another round of user testing found that this simple tweak made all the difference—no more confusion."

Although Ricola is a global brand, The Daily Drop is launching in the U.S. only and will serve as a test for potential global feasibility down the line.

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