Pinterest Improves Targeting For Advertisers

Pinterest is giving advertisers some new ways to target pinners based the type of content they like, what they search, and other such indicators.   

“Because Pinterest is a platform of intent … the most actionable intent signals on Pinterest come from engagement,” according to a company spokeswoman.  

As such, the pin-sharing platform is inviting advertisers with a confirmed Web site to target users who have shown interest in their Pins. That includes saving one of their pins, clicking on them, or just tapping on one for a closer look.

Pinterest is also making improvements to visitor retargeting, which is powered by anew Pinterest tag that identifies 10 events, including when people search, add a product to check out, and make a purchase on a businesses' Web site.

In the coming weeks, visitor retargeting will support new events and event data passed through the Pinterest tag. With this information, advertisers should be able to personalize Promoted Pins campaigns.

Separately, the company is taking its “Lookalikes” audience offering -- which can be used to help brands reach groups of people who look and act similar to their own audience -- and renaming it “Actalikes.”

Since rolling out some targeting features in June, Pinterest says brands have seen an 80% increase in their click-through rates.

Pinterest reportedly expects to rake in $3 billion in revenue in 2018. If accurate, that would be dramatically higher than the roughly $100 million in revenue Pinterest reportedly took in last year.


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