Advertising Week Launches in Cuba Because Cuba is the Latest Shiny, New Object

It's all about Cuba these days and anytime it's all about anything, the advertising industry is right on top of it, capitalizing on any and all related popularity to, well, do what the advertising industry does best; host a shindig at which all involved can glom onto the latest shiny new object and profess their undying -- albeit fickle -- devotion. So yes, today in Adland, it's all about Cuba!

Stillwell Partners, organizers of Advertising Week just announced Advertising Week: Cuba x Creativity. Today’s announcement coincides with the first commercial flight from America to Cuba since the 50s. Yes, that's right! A plane has barely landed and the ad world has already conquered the island! 

Advertising Week Cuba will take place at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. The Nacional will host a daily kick-off breakfast at the Parisian Cabaret and a seminar program in Salon 1930, the longtime home of the Buena Vista Social Club. 

Fast Company will oversee and curate the thought leadership program. And of that responsibility, Fast Company Editor Bob Safian said, “It’s hard to imagine a destination with more intrigue than Havana. We look forward to a completely unique experience sure to incent our creativity, inspire and enlighten." 



JetBlue, which launched service to Santa Clara Thursday is the founding partner of Cuba x Creativity and will be providing air transportation for all attendees. Chiming in with his excitement, JetBlue EVP of Commercial and Planning Marty St. George said, “JetBlue is thrilled to be leading the way to Cuba and we are proud to partner with Advertising Week and Fast Company in this inaugural celebration of creativity in Havana."

Stillwell’s Matt Scheckner, always front and center when it comes to the ad world's celebration of itself, gushed, “Havana is the last great creative frontier.  It is the jewel of the Americas and we believe there is no better place for a global carnival of creativity than Cuba."

Um, the Jewel of the Americas? Has Scheckner stepped foot inside Cuba lately? Give the people some time, Matt. They just tore down a 60-year-old wall of exclusion. They've got some tidying up to do. 

Cuban musical legend Isaac Delgado will serve as Chairman of the local organizing body which includes representation from area tourism communities and ministries. In 2015, Delgado led a delegation from Cuba to the Advertising Week in New York. Of the Cuba chapter of Advertising Week, Delgado said, “Cuba will be ready and we are proud to see Havana alongside New York, London and Tokyo. The passion and energy of the Cuban people will infuse everything we do here." 

If you're game to go, requests for invitations may be secured here.

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