MediaMath Taps Samba TV To Drive Programmatic Segmentation Of TV Audiences

Samba TV announced Wednesday that it has partnered with MediaMath to provide advertisers with audience targeting tools and custom segmentation, further integrating TV and digital ad buying.

As a media analytics company focused on understanding smart-TV viewership, Samba TV will help MediaMath clients identify unique audience groups based on behavioral and purchase data. Samba will allow advertisers to target viewers of individual shows and events and will enhance reach to cord-cutters.

The two companies worked directly with existing clients over the past three months before formally announcing the partnership. Using programmatic data from Samba TV, MediaMath clients have improved retargeting to TV audiences across their platform.

“There is definitely a demand by advertisers for solutions that can help them bridge the TV-digital divide by retargeting TV audiences on digital,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO of Samba TV. “Within the first quarter of our partnership with MediaMath, we saw a 1,300% increase in impressions delivered for our joint advertisers.”

“Our partnership with MediaMath also enables brands to easily measure cross-screen reach and ad effectiveness,” added Navin.



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