Microsoft Edge To Get A Personal Shopping Assistant

Microsoft Edge will soon get a personal shopping assistant for Windows 10 that automatically remembers all browsed for products. 

The add-on browser extension first spotted by Windows Central isn't available for download to run on Edge, but when ready, it will work like the Google Chrome and the Opera versions. 

The product quietly debuted in June 2016 with the ability to allow consumers to compare products across sellers and send notifications to consumers when prices change on favorite products. It also gives consumers the ability to share product descriptions and images with others on social media or via email.

When the add-on launches for Edge on Windows 10 it also will provide shoppers with suggestions for other places to buy the product after canvasing the Web for the lowest price. The smart shopping cart that saves items from across the Web will organize products into shopping boards, and serve a chat bot assistant so consumers can ask and get questions answered from a favorite messaging app.



Consumers also will have the option to email a link to access the assistant on their phone, and give feedback from within the assistant using the feedback button.

Personal Shopping Assistant, the browser extension from Microsoft Garage, bridges the gap between their desktop and mobile Web experiences. The tool acts as a digital memory for online research and search.

It took engineers in the Garage team about 18 months to research and build after analyzing shopping experiences and realizing that for many consumers shopping online the experience could take several weeks before making a purchase. 

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